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APP Review: Calling all movie buffs! “Trailerpop” App challenges you to a new kind of movie trivia..

Trailerpop, a San Fransico startup company who just received significant venture capital, has created a new App to challenge your movie knowledge while sharing entertainment discovery in a socially engaging way.

The current app boasts over 20,000 movie trailers that randomly play, after choosing a category, while the player is asked a series of trivia questions surrounding the highlighted trailer. Questions range from facts about the filmmakers to actors and actresses to general trivia related to the subject matter.  In addition to testing existing knowledge, the app allows users to be exposed to new movies and discover social circles where common interests exist.

A love of movies, tv and entertainment in general is ingrained in our culture, as evident by the fact that the Hollywood movie industry is an over $65 Billon industry. So, the App definitely strikes a chord with the masses and is poised to increase its user-base.

The interface on an iPhone is efficient and not overly sexy but it does a good job at what it was designed to do.  As you would expect, the experience on the larger screen (iPad) allows this app to deliver the best experience for the user.  Trailerpop features many different categories of trivia related to movie genres, themes and even specific actresses and actors – my personal favorite category, “Kevin Bacon.”  It also features a “VS” mode where you can challenge friends to play head-to-head or ask for a random match with the network of players who play the app.

While not quite as addictive as “flappy bird,” I’m sure it will come in handy to fill some down time or for a change of pace. You can try your hand at Trailerpop by searching in the app store or you can learn more at trailerpop.com