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Judging Information


  01. UX/Design

Look for clean design with a consistently good user experience.


  02. Creativity

Evaluate the overall uniqueness of the solution for new ideas/execution.


  03. Technical

Is the solution technically modern, functional and does it perform well?


  04. Message

How well does the solution content communicate to its intended audience?


  05. Effectiveness

Does the solution scope achieve it's goals in an effective manner?


The Judging Panel

Judging is completed yearly by an all volunteer jury that varries in size and composition from season to season. We accept judges from all levels of the interactive media industry and other related fields, making it a panel of your peers. In addition, end-users and non-designers are accepted to the judging panel which offers a unique perspective. Current and past judges are listed below.

Want to Become a Judge?

We accept applications for our judging panel at any time. Please send your background information to us at: judging@horizoninteractiveawards.com


Cosmin Truta (Montreal, Canada)

Founder / Creative Director, Grafika Designs

Dmitry Tsozik (California, USA)

Design director/co-founder, Clay

Derek Sussner (Minnesota, USA)

Founder Sussner Design Company

Christine Ely (London, UK)

Marketing Committee Board Member - IAA UK

Harun R Asaf Ali (New York, NY - USA)

Vice President, User Experience Design, Goldman Sachs

Dylan Gerard (Toronto, Canada)

Creative Director, Appnovation

Taylan Koru (Istanbul, Turkey)

Head of Digital, Mindshare

Laura Busche ( California - USA)

Brand Strategist at Creative Market

Ali Atay (Izmir, Turkey)

President, egegen

Jijo Reed (California, USA)

Owner / Creative Director, Sugar Studios LA

Erica Mazzucato (New York, USA)

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Corra

Rachel Andrew (Bristol, England)

Co-founder, edgeofmyseat.com

Geri Coady (Nottingham, UK)

Author, Freelance Designer

Chris Nation (Kentucky, USA)

Vice President of Digital, RunSwitch PR

Flavio Masson (New York, USA)

Founder/Principal Creative Director, 10012.com

Justin Crews (Georgia, USA)

Interaction Designer / GE

Kim Pickett (Vancouver, CANADA)

Principal, Creative Director at KIMBO Design Inc.

Shefik (New York, USA)

Executive Producer and Host, “Shefik presents Invocation”

Allen Hsu (Georgia, USA)

UX Design Lead at Modo Modo Agency

Richard George (Dublin, Ireland)

Director of Digital, eir Group

Stan Rapp (California, USA)

Digital Product Designer, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Anthony Lamont (California, USA)

Founder, Yonder Innovations

Mark Gerardot (California, USA)

Creative Leader | Brand Consultant | Entrepreneur

Jacob Cass (Sydney, Australia)

Founder & Creative Director, JUST Creative

Amit Jambusaria (Massachusetts, USA)

Sr. Engineering Manager - Wayfair

Yaroslav Zubko (California, USA)

Product Design Director, Shyft & Riiid Labs

Miro Kirov (Texas, USA)

Lead UX Designer, SoftServe

Vinay Gaba (San Francisco, USA)

Senior Software Engineer/Airbnb

Tianzhen(Evleen) Huang (New York, USA)

Visual Design Lead / MBooth

Wesley Smith (Indiana, USA)

UX Manager, Healthcare Industry

Luc Malcorps (Brussels, Belgium)

Director of Media Relations, Emakina

Harsh Singh (Florida, USA)

Executive Vice President - Consult PR, Inc

Esha Shukla (California, USA)

Sr Product Manager - WhatsApp

Dmytro Lynnyk (Lviv, Ukraine / Texas, USA)

Creative Director, Linnikov Agency

Pratik Joshi (New York, USA)

Senior Software Engineer, MarketAxess

Shubham Patel (Washington, USA)

Senior Software Engineer, Apple

Lidong Liu (USA)

Senior Product Designer, Spotify

Anastasia Maslakova (Boston, MA - USA)

Senior UX Researcher, Smartsheet