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You may enter your work into one or more of the following categories. Hover over each category to see a description of the types of projects that fall into these categories. If you do note see a category for your project below, please contact customer-service@horizoninteractiveawards.com for assistance. Note: Each category entered requires the $60 entry fee and may win multiple awards if entered in multiple categories.

Web Sites

Arts / Activism / Culture - NEWCurrent events, social issues, reform, arts related or organizations who exist to advocate for a cause or social movement, a public awareness topic.

Agency (Advertising, Digital, Creative) Created to allow Advertising/Digital/Creative agencies to enter their company website and be recognized among their peers.

Bank / Finance Projects will highlight banking institutions, financial services, money managers, retirement planners, tax services, financial education, lending, etc.

Consumer Information The primary focus of a consumer information website is to tell a brand story, provide product or service information, interact with a brand, product or service, generate demand for a product or service and / or generate potential customer leads for the producer. Sites that promote online sales are entered in the E-commerce category.

Corporate & B2B Projects will highlight all non consumer focused websites by businesses who market their products and services to other businesses. The website’s purpose can be to display product information, describe services, provide general overview of a company, facilitate business processes, etc.

E-commerce / Shopping Projects will highlight the online shopping experience. Customers can be end-users or businesses. Projects will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the sales process (ease of use), technical merit, overall user interface, content development and aesthetics.

Entertainment Industry Projects will usually relate to either the entertainment industry such as: movies, television, theme parks, music, theaters, play houses, etc.

Experimental / New Technology Projects in this category are created for the exploration of the web medium. Sites often exhibit unortodox UI's or a fusion of technology not typically seen in more traditional web sites.

Games Projects include online games, social media games, custom applications that are game related, e-learning games, etc.

Government Agency Projects will include armed services, local, state or federal government departments and service groups, community service groups supported by governmental funding, etc.

Health / Medical Projects include medical facilities (hospitals, doctors, dental, etc.), medical topics or issues of basic health awareness and education, medical industry products, pharmacy, mental health, fitness, general well being, etc.

Human Resources / Jobs Sites that relate to talent agencies, job searching, job boards, career coaching, job seeker resources, talent agencies, etc.

Legal Projects include law firm web sites or other legal related advocacy sites.

Magazine / News / Blog Projects involve support sites for printed publications, online magazines (e-zines), informational blogs, TV/Satellite News station websites, Online only news sites, industry publications and trade organization informational sites, user forums, etc.

Non-Profit Projects will highlight all not-for-profit organizations, organizations who exist to advocate for a cause or social movement.

PoliticsPolitical campaigns, candidates, political issues and voting advocacy.

Professional ServicesWeb Sites such as plumbers, electricians, painters, construction, architects, doctors, engineers, etc may be entered into this category.

Promotional Projects that are developed for strictly promotional value go in this category. Examples would include sites that are temporary or are used to launch a campaign or contest.

Responsive / Mobile Design Projects will be evaluated on “responsive” code design - sites that adapt to fit the experience of multiple platforms, resolutions, devices, etc. Mobile layouts that are contained in the same HTML/CSS framework as the overall site will be evaluated base on their ability to automatically adjust the experience to the user based on their specific device / resolution. Source code will be reviewed via the "view source" property of the browser.

Real Estate Projects will include: real estate search engines, realtor web sites, promotional sites for condominiums or time-shares, or any other site related to commercial or residential real estate.

Restaurant / Food Industry Projects will include: restaurant websites, consumer food services (catering), farms, food products (cooking / commercial equipment / machinery), online menus and ordering, brewing/winemaking, bars & pubs, confections companies (candy, cupcakes, cakes, sweets), grocery, etc.

School/University Projects will be produced or sponsored by schools K-12 grades, colleges, universities, charter schools, private schools etc. Student work can be entered provided that it is for public use (not class projects). Sites can promote services, enrollment, school issues, provide tools for students or be an overall marketing tool for the educational institution, etc.

Self Promotion / Portfolio Projects are generally for artists, web designers, freelancers, photographers, musicians, etc. for the purpose of displaying their work. Other industries may enter this category provided the element to be evaluated is used for the self promotion of a company / service or subject and it is not limited to a “portfolio” of work.

Software Sites that promote or offer software for sale, online software applications, tutorials for software applications, etc.

Sports Sites for professional or amateur sports teams, sports related equipment, businessess devoted to supporting a sporting event or sport in general, sports clubs and sporting activities.

Towns & Municipalities Projects will include websites for cities, towns, counties, etc. Sites can be the overall town or municipality website, a specific initiative or public awareness campaign, or any other project created by a city, town or municipality for the purpose of promoting services or community interaction. (e.g. The City of Chicago Parks & Recreation Website or the Town of Cutler Bay Florida Website)

Training / E-Learning Projects will be focused on web based training and / or certifications, continuing education, employee skills development, general consumer education, etc.

Travel & Tourism Projects that will promote travel and tourist destinations including: Resorts, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Air Travel, Bed & Breakfast, Automobile rental, railroad, bus lines, etc. Sites will also be overall town, city and/or county sites promoting tourism to specific destinations or region in general. Sites can also be dedicated to specific travel topics or shopping including: travel packages, private tours, luggage services, ground transportation, etc.

Mobile Apps

Business Apps that corporations, small business, etc will be highlighted in this category. Any industry is eligible (e.g. Finance, Insurance, Real-Estate, Legal, etc.)

Education Apps designed for teaching, learning, training, etc.

Entertainment Apps designed for amusement or related to the entertainment industry as a whole. Examples: ticket search, movie companions, video streaming, social platforms, etc.

Games Apps marketed as games. Examples, adventure, role playing, board games, text games, 3d, 2d, strategy, etc.

Health / Fitness - NEWApps relating to fitness, nutrition, wellness and personal improvement.

Government This category is for apps created by or for governemnt (local, state, federal, etc.)

Lifestyle - NEWApps relating to a general-interest subject matter or service. For example: real estate, crafts, hobbies, parenting, fashion, home improvement.

Magazine / News Apps that are designed to deliver traditional print content via mobile interface, subscription content, news headlines and stories, blogs, etc.

Non Profit Apps for not-for-profit or cultural advocacy should be entered into this category.

Retail / Shopping Any app designed for the online shopping experience or retail store . Apps will be evaluated on the basis of creativity, aesthetics and ease of use.

Utility A utility app provides a basic function and one basic function only. Examples would be: Currency converters, alarm clocks, calculators, levels, bar code readers, font readers, voice to text, photo editing, etc.


Advertisement / Commercial Any length of Web based commercial can be entered in this category. Judges will look for creativity, uniqueness, memorability, technical execution, and communication of the brand/product or service. 

Instructional Web Web based instructional videos can be entered into this category. The will consist of training videos, product demonstrations, consumer education topics, product reviews, employee training, etc.

Motion Graphics / Effects Videos that contain a specific or overall graphical effect (such as a title sequence, 2d/3d animation, green screening, etc.) will be entered in this category. These projects are not primarily judged on the overall message and effectiveness of the video. Only the overall graphics and effects will be considered.

Non-Profit / Advocacy This category includes videos produced for non profit organizations, by non-profit organizations or advocacy topics. Examples of advocacy topics might include: climate change, civil rights, poverty, etc. Videos associated with fund raising events may also be entered in this category as well.

Promotional - Product / Service Promotional videos consist of product or service promotions - projects that are produced for company introductions, demo reels, product demos and introductions, services education, consumer topics, etc.

Short Films / Documentary Short films are less than feature film length and can be produced for entertainment purposes, experimental purposes, etc. Documentaries, video journalism and biographical films are also entered into this category. The videos do not have to be produced as a stand-alone work and can be contained within a web site project. A series can be entered as well if part of an overall website dedicated to a specific topic or genre.

Web Video Short - NEW Videos created for viewing on web sites that are under 3 minutes in length. Can be any subject.

Interactive Experiences

Kiosk / Game / Museum / Public Exhibit / Virtual Reality Generally any interactive project that is created for gaming, trade show exhibits, live events, touch screen kiosks, interactive displays, museum exhibits, or other large scale public display falls into this category of interactive work.


Advertisement / Promotional Print ads or Promotional pieces that were developed for the purpose of appearing in a published print piece, targeted mailing, fliers or other promotional purpose are eligible for this category. Entries will be judged based on their aesthetics, clear communication of message, creativity, uniqueness, and “stopping power.”

Branding Campaign Consistency of branding materials across multiple types of print pieces will be judged on their creativity, aesthetics, uniqueness, consistency, integration from piece to piece, and overall communication of message. Logos, business cards, brochures, sales sheets, labels, packages, rack cards, fliers, posters etc. are all eligible for entry.

Brochures All types of brochures are eligible for this category. (Custom sizes, standard sizes, die-cuts, etc.) Entries will be judged on overall creativity, uniqueness, brand image, etc.

Posters All forms of posters are eligible for entry including (but not limited to): Events, concerts, theatre, festivals, campus organizations, product related, general advertisements, etc. Entries will be judged on their aesthetics, creativity, uniqueness and “stopping power.”


Ecard Electronic greeting cards, email holiday cards, electronic thank you cards and other promotional related cards that are emailed are eligible for this category.

Newsletters Regular email communications in the form of subscription based newsletters are eligible for this category. Entries are evaluated on content presentation and design for desktop email clients and mobile email.

Promotion Email advertisements, coupons, special promotions and e-vites to special events are allowed in this category.


Campaign - Multi Channel Campaigns consist of multiple media relating to the overall ad campaign for a specific product, service or brand. Example: Print ad, email newsletter, online banner ad, social media site, tv commercial, etc. Project campaigns will be judged by their overall aesthetics, integration from element to element, creativity and memorability.

Online Ads All types of banner ads, either animation based or static, are eligible including: graphical banners, rich media ads, campaigns that involve online fulfillment from print media, etc. Basically, anything that uses the internet or other interactive media in association with advertising and promotion fits in this category.

Social Media

Campaign Targeted social media placements for a specific purpose. Campaigns can span multiple platforms or a series on a single platform.

Video Series A video series that is designed to have engagement on social media.



November 17, 2023


Each entry requires a $60 non-refundable entry fee. To increase your opportunities for recognition, you may enter a work in more than one category. Each additional category will require an additional $60 fee.


Mastercard, Visa or American Express are accepted. International wire transfers can be arranged with customer service. All payments must be U.S. Currency.

How To Prepare Your Entry

Web Sites

Web sites can be submitted via publicly access URL, or through postal mail on flash drive or CD/DVD. URLs to be judged should be available from November 17, 2023 - April 1, 2024. Note: if your web site requires a login / password, please note that in the description of your entry form.


Advertising entries can be emailed to entries@horizoninteractiveawards.com provided that they are in an image format (jpg, png, gif, etc.). You may also link to a web page that displays your materials (include link on the entry form). Integrated campaigns will include ads that span multiple venues (i.e. print, email, social media, online ads, etc.) Please submit all examples for consideration in this category.

Mobile Apps

If you are entering a mobile app, and it is freely available in the AppStore or Android Marketplace, please provide the link to where it may be downloaded. However if your app is NOT free, please provide a "Gifted" app and note that on your entry description. If it is not available in the app store, you may provide a Youtube / Vimeo video demonstration or similar case study.


The Preferred method for video entries is a public URL to a YouTube or Vimeo page.  However, video projects can also be sent by email or a dropbox / file sharing link can be provided in the URL field on the entry form.


Digital versions of print pieces are preferrred and can be emailed to entries@horizoninteractiveawards.com provided that they are in an image format (jpg, png, gif, etc.). You may email or provide a download link to the work in the URL field of the entry form. However, you may also send hard-copies of print matierials by mail. Please send 1 hard copy of your entry (brochure, print ad, poster) or all items in your branding campaign to our mailing address below.

Interactive / Kiosk / Museum Displays or Expeiences

Public Interactive Experiences / Displays and Kiosks can be submitted with the use of a video presentation or online case study depicting the various elements of the display or immersive experience. Please provide a link to either a YouTube / Vimeo video and/or website case study on your entry form.

Mailing Your Materials?

If you need to mail your materials to us, please use the following address. You will still be required to use our online entry process but you will select "Shipping" as the method of delivery on the entry form.

Horizon Interactive Awards
2450 S US 421
Zionsville, IN 46077


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to enter?
Deadline to enter the 2023 Competition is November 17, 2023

What is the project eligibility time period for entry?
Works entered must have been produced in the last 2 years OR have never been entered in the competition previously. Previous entries and even previous winners may be entered in future competition if they are unchanged and entered into different categories OR if they have changed significantly (i.e. re-designed) may be entered into the same category(s). Previous entries/winners can be re-entered provided they are not in back to back competitions in the event that they have not been updated / changed significantly.

How detailed does my project description have to be?
Please keep the project description brief but substantial enough to convey an "overview" of the project the judges will be reviewing. Include relevant information which directs the judges to look at specific details of your project if applicable. You may also include login information in the entry description should the site / project be password protected. (All entries are kept confidential).

Can I submit an online demo or video demo of a project?
Yes. Often times video demos of interactive kiosks, mobile apps, etc are a better presentation of the work for the judging panel.

How are entries judged?
The process of judging the various entries is somewhat unique to our competition. We blend a volunteer panel of your peers with an "end user" focus group to determine the winners of the competition. The International panel of professionals come from various backgrounds in the interactive and advertising industries. Please see the judging section to review a sampling of past judging panels. Please note that judging panels and methods may vary from seson to season based on volunteer participation.

Do all entries win?
No. Each award level has a limited number of entries that will be recognized. This limit is left to the discretion of both the user panel and the judging panel. Each category may have different numbers of winners based on the level of competition for that particular category. However, Gold winners are often limited to the top 10% in each category and there is only 1 "Best of Category" winner and 1 "Best of Show" winner - the Horizon Interactive Awards highest honor.

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes. Each entry requires a $60 entry fee per category entered. A work may be entered in multiple categories and thus may be eligible to win in multiple categories.

What do our entry fees pay for?
Entry fees are primarily used to promote the Horizon Interactive Awards competition and in-turn your work. Judges are not paid for their involvement in the competition. In addition, every winner recieves a complimentary winners certificate (only pay for shipping) that is matted and ready for framing. (they're really quite nice!) - Entry fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the judging. Additionally, entry fees paid for entries that are later deemed ineligible for any reason (either by the Horizon Interactive Awards or the Entrant) are non-refundable.

Is my entry information kept confidential?
Absolutely. All aspects of the competition are bound by a confidentiality agreement. All materials submitted to the competition will never be shared with a third party who has not agreed to be bound by the confidentiality rules of the competition. Entry materials cannot be returned and are destroyed following the conclusion of the competition.

When are winners announced?
Generally winners are generally announced 60-90 days beyond the closing of the final deadline. With a November deadline, 2022 winners will be announced in the first few months of 2023.  Winners/Participants receive an email notification when winners have been announced.

What is your express mail address?
Please send all priority packages to: Horizon Interactive Awards, 2450 S. US 421, Zionsville IN 46077

Can I group several "like" projects into 1 entry?
Yes and No. Generally, a project is considered a single entry. However, In the past, there have been entries that may not make the cut on their own merits but, when considered as an overall idea or concept, were worthy of being recognized with an award distinction. For example, a single banner ad may not rise to the level of an award distinction. However, when considered in the broader context of an integrated campaign across multiple media, the effectiveness and level of integration becomes an award-worthy project. Should you have questions about how to group like projects into a single entry, please contact us.

How are the web awards presented? Is there a physical ceremony?
While we would love to have an event to get everyone together for a night of awards presentations, the logistics and cost of the prevent our competition from being able to offer this. We announce the winners via social media channels, partner web sites and events, press releases, and through postal mail.