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Help the residents of 1207 and 1307 and win great prices!

By: Emakina, Brussels - Belgium

DESCRIPTION: Belgacom is the leading is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels. Any Belgian knows Belgacom's 1207 and 1307 iconic numbers for the Belgacom telephone companyís information hotline, much like the yellow pages on call. The numbers also represent a rich online data service, 1207.be and 1307.be, offering a wealth of contact data, free and easily accessible in just a few clicks. This efficient search tool digs up in no time the catering service number you lost, or the shop address you urgently need. Emakina developed an online activation campaign and game to celebrate the information service: ëApartment 1207'. By using the search engine, you help the (little bit bizarre) resident of apartment 1207 to find a caterer, to save his dinner date after he burns the turkey. Or when he accidentally shuts down his electricity system, you can find him the electrician to get the lights back on. You could play the game several times each day, to win one of the many great prices. Your search could land you a tablet, a Wii, film tickets, gift certificates, etc. Each time, you see in a fun video how our 1207 hero gets into troubles and waits for the number that will make things right. Once you type in the correct number, you discover the happy ending in the follow up clip. The online game was available both in Dutch, as 1207.be and in French, where the competition takes place in Apartment 1307 on the web address 1307.be.